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Welcome to Software Quality Management (SQM) Magazine, an online magazine for corporate leaders and executives. Virtually every business, large or small, relies on software: it’s embedded in products, running manufacturing and supply chains, operating medical devices, controlling security systems, coordinating air and ground traffic patterns. In today’s business environment, software must be reliable and secure… software must work.

Software failure can result in severe business consequences: loss of revenue, brand and reputation damage, productivity loss and sky-high liability costs are among the most serious.

Software quality is all about confidence: your confidence in your software, client confidence in your products or services, and investor confidence in the future of your business. As executives, we are beginning to realize that there is a software quality management component to many of the business worries that cause us to lose sleep. Each issue of SQM Magazine brings you timely information on how software quality management can help you mitigate the risks that software brings to your business daily… and get a few of those sleepless hours back!

We hope that you will benefit from this information, and look forward to your feedback. If you have questions, comments or suggestions as to how we can make this publication—and web site—more closely meet your needs, please send e-mail to me at editor@sqmmagazine.com.

Steve Goodwin

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