Tips to Learn English Grammar

Want to learn English fast? There are several tips that you should use. First of all, write and write down what you learned will help you remember it, write a short paragraph using grammatical structures you have learned. Use the grammar you learned during the process of writing the story. Then rewrite it until it’s perfect.

Practice and review so that you can remember what you have learned. Note the important grammar points and plan for study and practice each part. Plan to use English grammar that you’ve learned in a day, within a week or two. You need to practice one, two grammar until you can use it easily and competently, then learn grammar next point. You can practice multiple choice grammar exercises in order to understand more. For example, when you learn how to set up and use the past simple , you should practice the application of this right in practical situations. For example, writing a short dialogue sample, only about 5-6 sentences, using the past tense. Then find some situations more fun to practice until smoothly.

The fact that you pay attention to the common grammatical errors is essential. This is the way of learning from mistakes. when reading a sentence or a story, you should pay attention to grammar and to understand why is such a sentence written?. If you can not understand the grammatical structure , look for a book on the grammar section, and self-training, you can ask friends or teachers about your problems you not fully understood.

Do not forget that English grammar has several exceptions. When experiencing this exception, you should record and compare them with rules to be able to remember them. For example, the rule of using article “The” before the name of a country, such asThe United States, the United Kingdom.

When practicing exercises, refer to the vocabularies and rules of grammar you do not know, refer to the other resources which available to you. After reading the theory you should do plenty of homework – Take advantages of homework will help your grammar learning success.



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